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"When we discover how to work with the brain and the secret to change patterns in the brain and our inner world - our outer world and our connections to others and situations has to change too.

We realise we were never broken or faulty. We realise our brain was and is, brilliant. We realise we can live free and in joy and not be dependent on our connection to others, our environment or circumstances to feel joy, peace, health, capability, progression and creative life giving choices." 

Anita Bentata



The Story of Del Reyes

My family name is Bentata, but it didn't used to be. ​In 1492 my ancestors were expelled from Spain for being Jewish. Our name back then was Del Reyes. 

Del Reyes means 'Of the King and Queen'. I believe from personal research during my travels to Spain, we were advisors for royalty. 

We ended up in Morocco, Africa (and later Egypt). The Moroccan Sultan didn't like that as Jews we had a name associated with Royalty. He gave us the name Bentata.

Ben means 'son of' and Tata was the town in Morocco where slaves were bought and sold. We were demoted. 

As an adult, when my father told me this story, I always wanted to reclaim our power through our name, but I was known in the field by Bentata. I knew people searched for me via my name.

When I developed The Essentials MEthod™ I felt I had outgrown my old business name Activating Artemis. So the space was here to reclaim the sovreignty of my heritage.

It felt timely, as my world was transformed when I developed The Essentials MEthod. It helped fill the gaps that my decades in therapy had not being able to and it was allowing many people to also reclaim their power of being. 

About Me

I escaped domestic violence with my two young children and went into therapy to make sure it never happened again. 

I made a promise to myself that I never wanted someone to control me.  When he took me to court (7 years), I began a life long intention that I was going to feel joy and wellbeing no matter what was happening in my life. I wasn't going to allow him to continue to control my inner world and my experience of me in the world. 


I was determined to work through my childhood trauma, neglect and abuse and this adult domestic violence. It took a while to find a therapist who could go beyond the rational layers of thinking 'better beliefs and behaviours' and for me to feel understood as well as provide me with clear, practical steps to where I wanted to be. I spent many years in therapy. Only later (through unexpected life events and triggers) realised that what I thought was resolved was not. I began questioning everything.. 

...relationship with self and other, trauma, therapy, the meaning of life, friendships, parenting, life choices, creativity.


This led me to years of experimenting with theories beyond what I assumed was how the brain and life was and led to the development of a series of theories and eventually to The Essentials MEthod™.


Everything I teach in The Essentials MEthod™ has come through what I have tested and live by.  It is based on neuroscience, epigentics, quantum physics and eastern wisdom. 

I developed a theory about what causes domestic violence. Clue: it isn't gender inequality. 

I developed a theory as to why people get caught in toxic or abusive relationships. Clue: we aren't taught this about love growing up. My Love Secrets theory.


I developed a theory about why people get stuck in trauma or therapy. Clue: the counselling industry is not doing its job.  

Along the way, I expanded my experience of me in the world, stepping out of my comfort zone, going to new places, trying new things (including eating a witchetty grub at Uluru) attending festivals and events, travelling, learning new creative skills. 

I love street latin and regularly can be seen dancing salsa or bachata. I love nature, living in aligment with my body, heart and nature. live music, paleo lifestyle, cooking, laughing, reading, meditating, writing,  taking photos and creating. Being with my children and grandchildren, and having adventures with my partner. 


I have been working in the field since 1995 after changing careers from book-keeping / accounts.

  • Bachelor Human Services (Human Behaviour) Monash University, Caulfield, Melbourne (3 yrs)

  • Diploma Soul Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling, Kairos Centre, Melbourne (4 yrs).


I began my career at Family Life, Sandringham and then in private practice since 2000. 

Over the decades I completed numerous professional development psychology trainings, qualified as a

  • Supervisor

and other mind body courses, including meditation and Qi Gong.

In my role as therapist I have being a teacher at Monash University and the Kairos Centre. I have also presented as key note speaker, presented at conferences and group events, being interviewed on numerous podcasts and quoted in the media, advised documentaries about trauma and abuse as well as being interviewed as a professional and survivor. 

Early in my practice, I began to see  patterns and tested my theories as I realised people were 'mis-labeling' based on the past. 

When I say 'mis-labelling' I do not mean to say their perception was wrong. It was right according to the reality of the past and of pain, but this was looping them into long therapy. Mis-labelling in that it wasn't taking them to a generative progression. Life was becoming about the past, instead of living and tapping into the creative layers of self and being in the world. 

We want how we perceive our past and present reality to help us to go beyond it rather than be bound by our past. 

Too often I hear people saying, that you can never fully get over the past. This is not true. Don't let other people's perceptions and their reality limit what is possible for you. 

Further qualifications:

  • Integrative Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York USA 

If you are interested in becoming a Health Coach, this course is fantastic for the breadth of knowledge and building your business, and has a fantastic global community. I love the whole health approach which includes spirituality as part of healthy living. 

  • Restorative Exercise Specialist from Nutritious Movement, Washington USA

In 2016 I began writing books.

  • The Wolf in a Suit,

  • Crazy Making Verbal Emotional Abuse Explained,

  • The Ultimate Formula for Moving Forward: the essential guide when an abusive relationship has controlled your life.

In 2018 I was the recipient of mult international awards and national recognition for my womens program and community model.  

In 2019 I developed The Essentials MEthod™ (TEM) and began working with clients individually through TEM.

In 2020 I received government funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission and 80+ women journeyed with me online with amazing results. 

In 2021 The Essentials MEthod™ was refined in its content based on what the women needed and how they responded to the steps in the method as well as to find a format that worked for women and men. 

In 2022 The Essentials MEthod™ workbook is due to be published. 

I no longer see myself as a psychotherapist. I have retired from being a psychotherapist. The therapy field is a very different focus, far away from the generative focus of me being your facilitator and mentor.  I am here for you, guiding and mentoring you as you take back the power of being in the drivers seat, as you take back the brilliance of your untapped potential.


I hold unconditional regard towards you, as you access the life changing opportunities within The Essentials MEthod™

  • Adults 

  • Individuals

  • Parents

  • Singles  

  • Relationship questions

  • Stress and trauma

  • Anxiety 

  • Childhood trauma

  • Domestic Violence/Abuse

  • Self confidence and self care

  • Personal development

  • The connection between health and stress/lifestyle questions



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Hear a fresh response to where you're at and what is possibe to enhance your wellbeing and life choices. 

I look forward to connecting with you and answering your questions


Melbourne Australia

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